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Burren College of Art

Providing Time, Space and Inspiration for artists in the unique Burren landscape was the founding principle of the Burren College of Art.  Liberation from rigid programming and opportunity for intense focus has helped the many artists who have studied at the college to find their artistic voice.
While reflection and introspection are essential to the creative process, the contemporary artist’s unique insight is relelvant only when it connects with and engages the wider world.  The Burren, a microcosm of society, provides a rich context from which to connect with wider issues. Creativity is the source of the Burren College of Art. Establishing the college was the innovative response of a highly creative individual. To date, the core of the Burren experience has been the education of artists, with ecology, law, archaeology, business, leadership and other subjects as background elements. Our new vision unites these disciplines and aims to connect creativity to all academic disciplines through our centre for creative learning.