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Centre for Creative Practices

The Centre for Creative Practices, CFCP, founded in September 2009, is led by an international team of Creative Managers who have worked together in Dublin since 2009. Together we have over 30 years combined experience of working in the cultural and creative sectors and 15 years combined experience of working with innovation and technology projects.

Having worked with 1,500 individual creatives from all over Ireland and with various Creative Organisations we have realised that the entire Cultural and Creative Sector is missing training in the basic business and entrepreneurial skills necessary to sustain careers.

Utilising our own experience of combined over 30 years of working in the Sector plus three years of entrepreneurial training programme provided for us by Arthur Guinness Fund and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, plus our education in Creative Management we run the successful Creative Entrepreneurship Programme. The enthusiastic feedback from the programme has convinced us to develop to the service to include courses, online resources and mentoring opportunities to address this urgent need of helping the Sector to become more sustainable.