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Edy Fung (Full)


I am a multidisciplinary artist who has a background in curating and architecture. I hold an MA Architecture at Royal College of Art and MA Curating Contemporary Design at Kingston University in partnership with the Design Museum. My work explores both ends of the spectrum of the human civilisation – appropriating past mythologies and alternate histories as well as speculating the societal changes implied by the latest cultural and technological shifts. Working with both tangible objects and pixels, I am interested in creating works that unravel underlying patterns and invisible phenomena driving our present world. My recent research focuses on repositioning the human existence within the Anthropocene. I am particularly fascinated about reexamining and redefining our relationship with nature and other nonhuman objects through object-oriented ontology and post-structuralist theories.

For the past few years I have experienced in different roles and points of input for exhibitions and cultural events including the production of Lisbon Architecture Triennale Close, Closer in 2013; production with Central St Martin’s student for UK pavilion’s Liquid Boundaries at Shenzhen Bi-city biennale of Urbanism/Architecture 2013; exhibition design with LAAB for Hong Kong Art Centre’s 50 Years of Hong Kong and Taiwanese Animation in 2014-15; curatorial development with Derailed Lab for Trans-Historical Railway exhibition at Institute of Light London 2017 and exhibition artist for Kills 99.9% of Bacteria at CCA Derry~Londonderry 2018. Recently appointed Co-director at Catalyst Arts in Belfast, I am training myself in putting my curatorial knowledge into this artist-led self-organised contemporary space, experimenting with collecting and commissioning for different sites and context.


May 21, 2018
Speed Curating – Morning (VAI Members Only)
Speed Curating Room (Curators marked "Full" are currently fully booked)
11.00  -  12.30
Speed Curating – Afternoon (VAI Members Only)
Speed Curating Room (Curators marked "Full" are currently fully booked)
14:00  -  15:30