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Olivier Cornet

Curator, Owner

In addition to the group of artists we represent, the Olivier Cornet Gallery also works with another group of artists, usually artists Olivier has met and engaged with at the Speed Curating Event, organised by Visual Artists Ireland (VAI) as part of their annual GetTogether. This group of artists are recent graduates, artists at the start of their career, or emerging or established artists we work with for special projects. Other galleries tend to refer to these artists as ‘project’ artists. At the Olivier Cornet Gallery, they are members of the ‘AGA group’ or ‘Associate Gallery Artists’. Current members are Aisling Conroy, David Fox, Sheila Naughton and Vicky Smith. There is room for one or two artists to join this group.


June 14, 2019
Speed Curating – Afternoon (VAI Members Only)
Speed Curating Room (Curators marked "Full" are currently fully booked)
14:00  -  15:30