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Open Studios | IMMA Residency Programme

May 21, 2018
12:30  -  14:00

IMMA Artists in Residence Dragana Jurisic and Neil Carroll Welcome Visitors to VAI’s Get Together in to their Studios.

Photographer Dragana Jurisic has been living onsite at IMMA since December 2017 and is located in studio 3b. Painter Neil Carroll has just joined the programme and is taking up a studio only residency at IMMA, Neil is located in Studio 14. Both residencies were awarded through the IMMA 1000 Open Call.

As a special treat for visitors to the Get Together who have never been inside one of the residential spaces Apartment 1 will also be open for a nosey!

At the same time as the open studios IMMA will also open access to the satellite exhibition in The Project Spaces which forms part of the ‘Cosmology of Exhibitions’ for The 38th EVA International featuring works by Locky Morris, Marlon T. Riggs andRoy Dib.

Session Category :  Open Studios