Róisín Stack Awarded Jerome Hynes Fellowship for Clore Leadership Programme 2019/20

The Arts Council have announced that Róisín Stack is the recipient of the 2019/2020 Jerome Hynes Fellowship – offered through the London-based Clore Leadership programme.

Róisín Stack is a theatre maker and arts manager based in Galway, Ireland. Her areas of interest are artist & art form development. In 2018 she co-founded Theatre57, a collective of over 90 independent theatre artists advocating for investment in cultural infrastructure to enable professional development. Previously, Róisín held positions with Druid, Macnas and Clod Ensemble and was Director of Galway Theatre Festival for four years.

Twenty five new Fellows will embark on the Clore Fellowship this autumn hailing from England, Ireland, India, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa and beyond.

The Clore Fellowship is a bespoke professional development opportunity and seeks to develop leaders from across a wide range of cultural disciplines and sectors. Following a rigorous and highly competitive selection process Fellows have been chosen for their creativity, curiosity and potential to collaborate.

The new cohort includes artists, managers, producers, directors and policy makers; creative and dynamic individuals who use storytelling and diverse cultural traditions as stimulus for their practice; manage award-winning organisations and projects; and use creative practice to generate new approaches to policy development. They work across 11 different cultural disciplines, from solo workers to those in 200+ people organisations; are based in six regions across the UK and eight countries around the world.

Fellows are empowered to curate new creative experiences and opportunities; to experiment with and challenge existing ideas and structures; and explore creative and civic engagement to drive positive change – within cultural institutions and programmes, the wider cultural sector, and the creativity of society as a whole.

Clore Leadership alumni lead cultural policy and practice, are entrepreneurs and innovators across the cultural and creative industries, as well as leading some of the most prestigious organisations in the country and abroad.


Source: Visual Artists Ireland News