Fiona Harrington Appointed Curator of Headford Lace Project

Headford Lace Project are delighted to announce that Fiona Harrington has been appointed as curator for our international lace exhibition which will be held in Headford in late 2020. They are thrilled to be working with such an internationally renowned artist who has traditional lace making skills at the heart of her practice. We are very excited about Fiona’s vision for the exhibition and the many possibilities offered by this collaboration.

Fiona Harrington said:
“I am excited to be working with the Headford Lace Project in developing this exhibition.
My vision for the show is to provide a platform for those working with handmade lace to share their work with the public and to highlight the incredible skills of lacemakers around the world.
The tradition of making lace by hand has been practiced for generations. In recent years however, there has been a surge of interest in these processes. Artists, designers and lacemakers are not only interested in preserving these skills through mastering technical understanding, but they also wish to push the boundaries of what lace is and what lace is considered to be.
The Headford Lace Project exhibition will be an opportunity to bring these ideas together and showcase the future of lacemaking in Ireland and further afield.”

This project is funded by Galway 2020 as part of the Small Towns Big Ideas Programme
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Source: Visual Artists Ireland News