Information for Visual Artists on the ACNI Artists Emergency Programme

Yesterday we welcomed Suzanne Lyle, Head of Visual Arts at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for an online public meeting to discuss the Artists Emergency Programme. You can now view a recording of this meeting in the VAI Members Area of our website under Webinars & Recordings.

Artists Emergency Programme

The Arts Council has designed this programme to support individual artists, creative practitioners and performers

There are two primary objectives of the programme

  • to support proposals for the research, design and future presentation of specific showcases, performance(s) and/or other forms of public presentation aimed at groups and communities otherwise facing barriers to the arts on a range of platforms
  • to engage the arts sector in employment by providing individual artists, creative practitioners and performers with financial support to create work and make a vital contribution to the well-being of communities.

There is an expectation that funding from the Scheme will lead in the future to some form of meaningful public engagement and/or other forms of public access opportunity, in large or small scale.

This programme prioritises applications that:

  • Engage with groups, participants and audiences otherwise without easy access to or participation in the arts
  • Benefit individual artists, creative practitioners and performers who are currently in difficulties due to work restrictions imposed by COVID-19 protocols
  • Propose new or newly-imagined projects as interventions of high artistic quality
  • Are planned to reach significant audiences through ‘live’, ‘as live’ or recorded digital performance, publication, broadcast, reading, recording, and/or other audience channels
  • Provide for an extended life and/or extended public reach and impact for the work or project that has been created.

For more information and to apply visit:…/artists-emergency-programme

Source: Visual Artists Ireland News