Experiment! Call for Applications for New VAI Research Residency Funding!

Experiment is a pilot programme that provides an alternative form of residency. Based on feedback from members, it is clear that it is difficult for the majority of visual artists to take time out of their lives to take advantage of residential residencies. We have heard stories of issues with time off from other work, family obligations, and simply the time needed to travel to another place for an extended period of time. Therefore, we have designed this new residency in the form of research funding that is open to applications from artists at all stages of their career.

The purpose of the residency is to provide artists with funding to experiment. In keeping with our advocacy on supporting artists at all stages of their career, the residency will provide funding of 2000 Euro for an artist to undertake research which is designed to bring their practice to a new level. This can be trying out new materials, undertaking training, investigating the impact of adopting a carbon neutral strategy as part of one’s practice, further learning in a specialist area, travel, or undertaking a feasibility study that contributes to the support of their practice.

The programme is open only to current VAI Members. Group applications must ensure that all members of the group applying are current members. The successful awardee(s) will also have access to VAI’s office facilities (Dublin and Belfast) for the duration of their project. The successful awardee(s) will be paid in two tranches, 1,500 Euro upon provision of an updated version of the plan that they submitted, and the balance upon submission of a final report of their experience and findings, which may also be published in The Visual Artists News Sheet and/or The Manual area of VAI’s website.

Further Details and application form https://visualartists.ie/resources-_/experiment/

The 2020 deadline for applications is Thursday, 12th March 2020 at 5pm Irish Time. Decisions will be notified before Friday, 17th April 2020.

Experiment! is part of Visual Artists Ireland’s 40th Anniversary Programme.

Source: Visual Artists Ireland News